Leadership FPRA Scholarship Applications Open Now

Are you interested in leading others? Want to learn more about leading? Would you consider stepping into leadership opportunities?

LeadershipFPRA offers insight to help you answer those questions with an intense broad perspective.

Over the course of a year, you will connect with up to 20 other classmates from all over Florida with myriads of PR experience. Five two-day sessions cover topics like government, law and ethics to business synergy and leading with influence, and more. Behind-the-scenes exclusive field trips provide inside opportunities beyond what the traditional public sees. Orientation kicks off each LeadershipFPRA year at Annual Conference, and graduation at the next Annual Conference wraps up the incredible opportunity.

Visit www.fpra.org/leadershipfpra to apply for LeadershipFPRA Class VII by June 15, 2022. Apply for an Ocala Chapter scholarship by June 15, 2022, by visiting www.fpraocala.org/professional-development/leadershipfpra/.