5 Takeaways: Presidential Perspectives

Why Leadership Matters

Panelists Toni James, APR, CPRC, (Ocala Chapter president 1985 and 1996); Carole Savage-Hagans, APR, CPRC, (Ocala Chapter president 1992 and 2012); and Lauren DeIorio, (Ocala Chapter president for half of 2015 and 2016) shared insights about their time in FPRA leadership and how it affected their lives and careers.

  1. Leading involves community. Cultivating a supportive and welcoming environment helps grow and strengthen initiatives.
  2. Being a leader is a two-way street. By putting in time and effort into your role, you will gain knowledge, experience and a network of supporters.
  3. You don’t have to know everything to lead. Having technical education in your field can help, but it’s not going to be all that you will need to be successful. Being open to new techniques, making mistakes and learning from your experiences will strengthen your confidence and leading style.
  4. It’s a slow climb. Starting at the foundation of your organization and learning to lead in different roles will make the ascent into leadership an easier transition.
  5. Time management is key for a leader to succeed. Using visuals and to-do lists – and setting aside time to reassess your progress – are all great tactics. However, whatever works for you and keeps you on-time will be the best tactic for you.