1. Infusing Talent with Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC
      1. Say YES! 
        1. find a mentor / be a mentor
        2. pay it forward
        3. help me, help you
      2. Don’t spread yourself too thin 
      3. Bring your “A game” 
      4. Saying no can also be a powerful as saying yes
      5. Remember your relationship with the media
      6. Lean into numbers / metrics 
      7. Ownership – even if you make a mistake
      8. “The privilege to work is a gift. The power to work is a blessing. The love of work is success.” ― David O. McKay
  2. FOCUS FORWARD – Wendy Wacker, APR, CPRC 
      1. Expand Membership – Engage communications professionals around the state and beyond. 
      2. Elevate Technology – Elevate our technological systems.
      3. Diversify Revenue – Expand revenue opportunities through professional development and networking offerings.
      4. Work Efficiently – Enhance how we work. 
  3. Why does Lindsay like sunflowers so much? 
      1. Sunflowers have power. They give a drab environment instant zing, and they also provide food, shade, structure, and energy.
      2. Sunflower meanings include  optimism, honesty, longevity, peace, admiration, and devotion. The sunflower possibly surpasses all others in terms of its universal power to bring joy to people.
      3. They have a history of healing
      4. They are actually thousands of tiny flowers – just like us, we are all unique and different and make up one chapter. We are stronger together, and as a whole.
      5. Sunflowers are the ultimate symbol of happiness. And it’s no wonder, given that sunflowers literally track sunshine. 
  4. We have some amazing past-presidents 
  5. President’s PeRspective – Lindsay Tozer, FCRM, RMLO, MA, ECMS, BPMP
      1. I am honored to follow the lineup of people who have provided guidance for our chapter in the past; each of our past Presidents has brought a different vision with them and all have proven to have different strengths.  I suppose I am no different in that I have some ideas for changes I would like to see, and I hope that you will support me as you’ve supported those Presidents who have come before me.  I hope when you look back on 2023-2024, we have a year full of laughter, fellowship and making better friendships, while continuing along our path of giving within the Citrus and Marion Counties and our local communities.