5 Takeaways: Symmetry and the PR Brew

Starting Yourself from the Ground Up: The Story of Symmetry and the PR Brew

Owner and operator of Symmetry Coffee & Crêpes and the Buzz & Grind, Mike Mills understands success happens when you pour something good into your community. By focusing on the customer experience, he has created a word-of-mouth network that has launched his companies into growth mode.

  1. Discover how to view time and how to spend time. Target audiences have families and commitments that are constantly changing – is your product worth their time?
  2. Love people. An easy statement that is a hard task to pull off, but when love is received, it is then returned tenfold.
  3. Treat your audience like family and evolve the communication status quo to welcome them. As an example of this, Mills created a “Mug Wall” of 400 hooks where businesses and community members can hang their preferred coffee mug to use when they return.
  4. Change the customer experience within the walls of your business by putting the right people in the right place. The foundation of any successful business has a team that is ready to bleed for its mission. The wrong people can sink it.
  5. Research, learn and understand why a product in your field is successful and copy the parts that work. A quality product will sell itself if your audience is taken care of.