LeadershipFPRA: Leading and Managing

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” -John F. Kennedy

The second LeadershipFPRA class had our first session today. Carolyn Maue, Executive Coach and Consultant at the Maue Center facilitated the leading and managing session. My classmates and I took a strengths profile prior to the session. It was very energizing for me to spend the day analyzing my personal strengths and weaknesses and how I can use these in my professional life.

Five Takeaways from leading and managing session
1) Identify your strengths: You may have experience with a personality test or another profiling assessment that determines your strengths and weaknesses. Another way to figure out your strengths is to think of something you remember doing as a child that you still do now, but most likely much better. The idea is strengths often have deep roots from childhood.
2) Interrupt the day: As a leader, another important concept to recognize is the necessity of taking time throughout the day to pause and refocus. Give yourself permission to take the space and time needed to ensure you are using your strengths in the best way possible and change behaviors if needed.
3) Weaknesses: Weaknesses are not a negative thing and can be approached and handled in several ways.
-Partner with someone who has your weakness as a strength
– Work on improving the weakness
– Decide if dedicating time to working on the weakness is beneficial. If not, refocus on your strengths.
-”Sandwich” the weakness between two strengths
4) There is no “right way” to accomplish something: Leaders can use different strengths to accomplish goals. Just because someone goes about something a different way than you, using their unique strength; does not make it wrong.
5) Every team you are on can be a great team: The “recipe” for a great team includes, trust among team members, good team conflict, commitment to the team, accountability, and attention to results. Any team we are on can be a good one if these pieces are in place.

Thank you to LeadershipFPRA and the team at the Maue Center for an excellent session and for giving me many things to contemplate.
I am looking forward to our next group session in January!


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