Four things to admire about our next president, Tammy Gantt

I didn’t know Tammy Gantt prior to this chapter year, and I was missing out. She is one of the kindest and most well-rounded professionals I know. 

These are four things the board and I think you’ll most admire about her.

  1. We can’t think of one thing she can’t do.
    Tammy is always willing to help and contribute with a roll-up-her-sleeves work ethic. She knows so many people, and her list of contacts, resources and ideas is unassuming yet grandiose. If you don’t know what to do or who to contact, call Tammy.
  2. Her business acumen is a marvel.
    If you ever need to go into “battle,” Tammy is the person to have by your side. She is direct yet friendly. She keeps calm during chaos. She tackles complex problems and identifies creative solutions. She’s one of the best networkers we’ve seen — observing, actively listening and responding at precisely the right time.
  3. She sees the good in everyone and gives others the gift of her undivided time and attention. 
    Tammy takes the time to connect with others as individuals — checking on them when they’re sick, calling on a random Saturday to say hi and always finding something kind and uplifting to say. She has the best attitude and heart. Your success is her success.
  4. Tammy has a keen eye on diversity and inclusion. 
    She presented on the topic during May’s COMMference. She takes the time to find what others have in common, and she accepts others as they are.

Ocala Chapter pros — we are in for an incredible year with Tammy as our next president.

With kindness,
Heather Danenhower, APR, CPRC
Ocala Chapter president