5 Takeaways: Devon Chestnut, APR, CPRC

At August’s virtual professional development meeting, Devon Chestnut, APR, CPRC, communications manager at Cox Communications and our incoming FPRA state president, presented “Innovative Communications: Using electronic tools to effectively reach your audience.”

The 5 takeaways from her presentation include:

  1. The environment that we work in drives how we communicate with both our internal customers (staff) and external customers (the public).
  2. Evaluate your communications tools and find enhancements to fill in the gaps.
  3. Share content across multiple platforms. People retain 95% of information from videos and only 10% of information from reading text.
  4. Invest in tools to produce videos and be visual. Be catchy with headlines and repurpose content.

Produce relevant and engaging content, get creative and educate employees on how to look their best, especially when producing videos. For example, purchase an inexpensive ring light.