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Your 2017-2018 Chapter Board held a Planning Retreat at the end of August to discuss Chapter strengths and weaknesses and develop goals and objectives for the upcoming year!

Mid-Florida Local Image Awards and Communicator of the Year

image1by Allison Campbell, APR, CPRC
As the new year for the FPRA Ocala Chapter gets into full swing, I want to encourage you now that it’s never too early to think about projects for local Image Awards competition in 2018. If we set our projects up with the proper research and objectives now, we will have terrific measurables for entries to submit when the time comes.  Remember, any project you started as early as January 2017 will be eligible for entry in March 2018!
I’m excited to be chairing this event for the Chapter this year but know that I have big shoes to fill, but with Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC serving as Vice President of Golden Image at the state level, I know she’s not going to be far away. That’s why I’m calling on you- as many of you that have an interest – to serve on my planning committee for the Wilton F. Communicator of the Year program and the Mid-Florida Local Image Awards.  Contact me directly if you would like to serve.
If all goes well, you should have your Call for Entries by the end of this year to start forecasting plans for the spring. I’ll be happy to keep you up to speed as more details become available.

Extra! Extra!

Your communications team is working to update thePressPass-1024x685 media directory.

The latest version will be available in October. The cost is $15 for members and $30 for non-members.

PResident's Perspective

August 2017 Headshot I struggle with this, because I like safety and security. Being BOLD feels threatening. The word BOLD almost holds a negative connotation in my mind. But boldness is simultaneously positive. Consider these words associated with BOLD; daring, engaged, sharp, animated, intense, inventive, purposeful, dynamic, diligent, ambitious, etc. These are attributes I want associated with my professional reputation (PR); I choose to practice BOLD PR!

There are so many directions I can take this theme of BOLD PR.
My first BOLD move was selecting this theme and going against the opinions of a few colleagues and fellow FPRA members who I respect deeply. But I chose to make a decision that was against the grain and a little uncomfortable. I am challenging my status quo, because I believe I’ve earned this opportunity… and I’m embracing it.


There are so many wonderful things about the FPRA Ocala Chapter: our seasoned and diverse membership with vast experience and knowledge, our monthly professional development meetings, our financial stability, etc. But we have room for growth. I invite each of you to take a BOLD step and get involved with the chapter by serving on a committee. I promise you will reap a positive return on your investment of time.


I thank you for trusting me with leading the Ocala Chapter this year, and I hope each of you will seize opportunities to practice BOLD PR!


Most sincerely,
Lisa E. Varner, APR, CPRC

Planning Ahead for Pre-Pays

NEW-PP&SHello, fellow chapter members! I’m looking forward to another great year with FPRA and am excited to serve as your Chapter Treasurer!
An updated invoice for 2017-2018 is included with newsletter. You now have the ability to update this invoice with your billing information (name, company, address, etc.), as well as your payment amount and description. Here is the Word file, and here is a PDF file.
If you need a credit card form, please email me directly at
I’m honored to serve you on the FPRA Ocala Board again this year. Thank you for the opportunity! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at or 352-401-3978.

September 15 Professional Development Luncheon

Heather DanenhowerTopic: The art and science of storytelling: A case study from an award-winning project

Speaker: Heather Danenhower, APR, CPRC, Duke Energy 

Go behind-the-scenes with Heather Danenhower, APR, CPRC, as she describes how she helped solve a public relations problem by telling the remarkable story of Andy Hines – a WWII veteran, prisoner of war in Nazi Germany and one of the most beloved leaders in Duke Energy’s history.
For seasoned PR practitioners or the relative newbie, Heather will offer something for everyone, including real-world strategic communications tips you can immediately put to use.

Click here for Heather’s bio.

RSVP Today!


APR is really ABC...


well, it’s not quite that easy… but APR is something you can achieve with invested time, focus, and commitment.  Becoming Accredited in Public Relations builds confidence, expands horizons, and opens you up to a deeper level of understanding of what professional public relations includes. The Ocala chapter is among the most accredited and credentialed chapter in all of Florida.
This year is no exception.  If you’re interested in achieving your APR, weekly study sessions begin soon.  Contact for more info and to sign up for the classes.  They are free and conveniently scheduled.

August Meeting Highlights

Thank you to FPRA State President, Ryan Gerds, APR, CPRC for his presentation on “Find your Balance”, where he discussed the importance of maintaining a work/life balance and provided useful tips on how to be successful and find our own balance. The new chapter officers were also installed at the August meeting.

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