PRestige May 2015


Mid-Florida Image Awards Event - The Art of Public Relations

The Line-Up of Winners!

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PResident's Perspective

Your Ocala Chapter Board began this year with some red-hot goals. One of them, was hosting a combined Image and Communicator of the Year awards JeniferLoweevent with a two-fold purpose. (1) To eliminate the expense of putting on two events, and (2) to broaden the exposure of FPRA Ocala and reach communicators outside our membership.  We had great success with both. Nearly half of the Image/Communicator Gala attendees were guests. The event profited more than $600 for our chapter. Another goal was to bring back a professional development seminar after a 3-year hiatus. On May 6th, Toolkit for Success brought in 38 attendees, 13 of them guests, and netted an estimated $1,000. Proceeds from these two events will enable us to meet another goal – to provide a member scholarship for the FPRA Annual Conference. We are officially on fire!


Not only are we making huge strides towards financial health for our chapter, we have shared our kindle and ignited a fire in 26 professionals outside of the FPRA membership. Now, those guests know who we are and what we have accomplished. These 26 people have attended two outstanding events hosted by FPRA Ocala and we hope to see them back again soon. I encourage each of you to take responsibility for fanning the flame of professionals around you. We succeed when we surround ourselves with others who are motivated to succeed. In the same regard, we will burn out if nothing is stoking the fire.


On fire for FPRA,

Jen Lowe, Ocala Chapter, President

FPRA Experts are Everywhere

CPRCs address the NonProfit Business Council by Lauren B. DeIorio, Fund Development Director, Public Education Foundation of Marion County

On May 5, the NonProfit Business Council held its monthly business meeting on the topic “PR: More than you Think.” The idea was to enlist the help of the FPRA Ocala Chapter and create a panel of CPRC’s to provide expert advice to those NonProfit organizations in Marion County who might be limited in staff or PR resources.  The presentation centered around the idea that PR stands for more than just “public relations” these days.  It stands for people relations and a whole lot more, especially to NonProfit organizations. 


The experts in attendance were Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC; Allison Campbell, APR, CPRC; Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC; and Toni James, APR, CPRC.  The panel spent the session answering pre-submitted PR questions presented by a moderator and later in the session fielded questions from the attendees.  The questions focused on helping those NonProfit organizations know how to strengthen their brand’s reputation, earn positive media exposure and prioritize outreach strategies.




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