Prestige June 2015


On to Orlando

August 9-12


This year’s lineup of speakers includes global communicators who have worked for some of the world’s biggest brands: Coca-Cola, Walk Disney World, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Walmart, Proctor and Gamble…THE LIST GOES ON.

Did you know:

  • Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC, is VP of Annual Conference?
  • Allison Campbell, APR, CPRC is VP of Student Chapter Services?
  • Carole Savage, APR, CPRC, is VP of FPRE Foundation?
  • Elaine McClain will represent the Ocala Chapter as a Joe Curley Rising Leader?
  • Ginger Broslat will be a panelist in a breakout session: How to Be Successful on Your Own?
  • Ginger and Allison are nominated for 2015-16 (VP Planning and Research and VP Communications/PR, respectively)?
  • Golden Image nominations that we know of include: Ginger (4, right off her big local win); Lauren DiIorio (2); Lisa Varner, APR, CPRC (1) and Heather Danenhower , APR (1)?  There could be more! Notification of winners goes out at the end of June, so pull for all of our colleagues and their  outstanding work.

If these aren’t enough good reasons to attend conference, here is further persuasion on why your should attend or download the entire brochure. 

One final word of encouragement: apply for our Ocala Chapter Scholarship. It’s under the Members Only section of

President's Perspective for June 2015

In the last few weeks, I have turned over every coal and ember of our chapter’s accomplishments this year while working on the
Chapter Management lowe_jeniferReport. I am pleased to say it has been submitted to the State Office and will be available for all members to view online in the coming days. The process left me feeling more ablaze for FPRA than ever before. I am so very proud of our chapter! (See her full chapter report in the Leadership folder.)

We have met or exceeded nearly all of the goals and objectives set by your chapter leadership during our retreat last summer.

  • Our chapter budget is restored (from our website redesign investment) and healthy enough to earmark monies for an Annual Conference scholarship, as well as to starting a reserve account for future needs.
  • FPRA Ocala has directly exposed 60+ non-members to the outstanding professionalism of FPRA through Toolkit for Success, Image and Communicator of the Year and the CPRC Panel Community Service Project.
  • New and “green” members have been engaged by serving on multiple committees and working alongside senior members. These members are not being sought for board leadership roles.These are just a few highlights from our achievements this year. The link to the full report will be in my next President’s Flame email so stay tuned. BUT, we are not done yet! The Ocala Chapter strives to introduce FPRA to new guests, provide quality programming and resources to our professionals, and enhance PR in our community. If you are interested in being a part of that next year, contact Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC, who is heading up our leadership nominating committee for 2015-2016.If you missed the announcement at the May monthly meeting, we will commence this chapter year with “The Great Fire of 2015” – a family backyard bonfire at my home on August 15, 2015. Members are invited to bring their families and a potluck dish. We will have outdoor games for all ages, food and fellowship; bringing our theoretical fire to fruition in a tangible blaze where we can make s’mores.
    On fire for FPRA, Jen Lowe, Ocala Chapter President

June Professional Development Meeting -- Stormy Clouds: How to Weather a Hurricane

As the Vice President of Corporate Communications spokesperson for Kissimmee Utility Authority, Chris Gent is the go-to guy when it comes to crisis management. His annual “Hurricane Preparedness” materials top the Golden Image list on a regular basis due to his results-driven approach to helping his customers prepare for worst-case scenarios due to Florida’s history of hurricanes and tornadoes. No matter the size of our individual organizations, as key communication professionals, we need to help our organization be prepared for whatever awaits us. Chris also is also responsible for the utility’s customer, employee, community and industry communications. He serves as internal advisor to KUA’s CEO and Executive Staff on communications, media and marketing issues.




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