What is winning awards about anyway?

DSC05246At the 2014 Communicator of the Year Awards celebration, Hospice of Marion County was recognized in the Institutional division. Needless to say, Lisa Varner and I are thrilled that the work we pour ourselves into every day pushed our organization to the top. This is great validation for our commitment and energy, but more than anything, it is the recognition by our peers that our work is valued for its FPRA-inspired excellence that means the most.

Every project we embark upon, we ask ourselves first: What research do we have?
Then: How will we implement it? How much should we spend to be resourceful with
our non-profit dollars? and Finally: Did we meet our goals? Do our outcomes justify the human and financial resources spent? If we can answer YES!, we know we did our job. When we get a YES! from the FPRA-Ocala Chapter, we are deeply honored that our colleagues think we did, too.

On behalf of everyone who contributes to excellence at Hospice of Marion County, we thank you.

Sincerely, Lila Ivey
Director, Community Outreach


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  1. Ginger Broslat

    So proud of the work of Hospice and the way you all work to share the benefits of this tremendous service. Kudos!


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