To be considered for an FPRA Ocala Chapter scholarship to annual conference, members must apply for the chapter’s annual conference scholarship no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, June 24, 2016. Please complete the online application form below.

The chapter may award partial scholarships in lieu of one full scholarship. All awards are contingent on availability of funds.


Please complete the following information:


  • I understand that if I receive an Ocala Chapter Scholarship for Annual Conference registration, I will attend and that the scholarship covers the conference registration fee (in full or part). Lodging, food outside of meals included in the regular conference registration, scholarship fundraiser and all other related expenses are my responsibility. I further understand that, if selected, I shall receive no monies directly but that my registration for Annual Conference will be paid on my behalf by the Ocala Chapter.
    By choosing to submit, you are signing that you understand the statement above and all answers are true and accurate.