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Rack Focus on Leadership: Positive Picketing—FPRA members at the helm

(Editor’s note: this is the first in a series of articles on what our local professionals are doing to be at the vanguard in leading others)

alan youngblood photo of picketsIt’s been five years since the United Way of Marion County has met its annual fundraising goal, signaling that it was time to do things differently. Tina Banner, APR, CPRC, Laura Byrnes, APR, CPRC, and Ginger Broslat, PR/Marketing Committee, led the charge and took to the streets on September 17. Up and down Hwy 200 and at key locations, volunteers held signs to demonstrate what UW does by showing the numbers – the vast numbers of people helped by donations. The picketers provided some eye-opening statistics for drivers. “Numbers tell the story,” said Ginger, “and that’s what sells the value of our local United Way to the citizens.”

Also serving this year are Brittany Marthaller, UW board member and chair of the PR/Marketing Committee, along with member Christy Jergens. Allison Campbell, APR, CPRC, and Ginger are also on the Campaign Cabinet; both did media interviews at our positive picketing sites. This year’s goal is an ambitious $2.17 million. See the full story in the Star Banner. Photo courtesy: Alan Youngblood, Ocala Star Banner

PResident's Perspective - Take 2 from Barbra Hernandez, APR

FPRA 2015 NEW Cropped Barbra headshotOn Avocados, Legislators and Picketing

When I think of all the benefits FPRA membership provides, images of avocados, legislators and picketing sometimes come to mind. Well, not that often, but they have for at least these past few weeks. I’ll save the best – avocados – for last.

Most of you heard or read recently about some of our fellow FPRA colleagues taking to the streets to picket. They called it “positive picketing,” a way of publicly generating awareness and support for a most worthy cause – United Way of Marion County. Prior to grabbing their “protest” signs and picking a perfect picketing spot, they met, did their research, set goals and objectives and mapped out an implementation plan. It worked, and it generated the kind of good buzz we all wish for our agencies.

Brittney Marthaller, fellow FPRA member and chair of the PR/Marketing Committee for United Way of Marion County, shared this with me: “Seeing members of our FPRA chapter participating in United Way of Marion County’s positive picketing kick-off event showed that our team is made up of community-oriented leaders!”

I thought “indeed!” and, suddenly, images of legislators and avocados came to mind (well, sort of). A few weeks ago, I attended Marion County’s Legislative Delegation meeting. Aside from our legislators and local elected officials, something was very prominent at that meeting: several of our FPRA Ocala Chapter members. Some were there to speak, others to support their respective agencies. It gave me great satisfaction to notice I was surrounded by fellow PR leaders, and quite a comfort to know that should a PR need emerge right then and there, I had experts I could consult in an instant.

Then, I thought of Publix. I remembered the time (or more) I’ve run into the same FPRA colleague in the vegetable aisle. We’ve shared everything from “Hello’s” and recipe ideas to our faithful love of avocados.

And then it all came together – yes, avocados, legislators and picketing. FPRA membership stretches way past the boundaries of a monthly luncheon venue or chapter board meeting. It’s a membership at work, at a professional function, at the grocery store and just about everywhere. Because once you’re a member, you’re part of something bigger. You’re one among a group of impactful leaders, of thinkers and doers working hard every day to lift our profession and the very place in which we live.

That, alone, justifies a membership renewal. Mine is in this week…will yours be?

Until next time, keep it ‘reel’!



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