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PResident's Perspective

Staring at a blank page.  That is where I have found myself after coming offLaurenDeiorio04PP of an extremely busy week of events and projects.  As PR professionals we are expected to be on the top of our game, often giving a voice to the organizations that employee us through our writing.  But when you are mentally and creatively tapped out, it can be difficult to pull yourself out of that state of mind and be productive.  Instead of writing, you find yourself doing some of the most mindless tasks around the office (like taking out the garbage in the breakroom) – to get away from what you should be doing.   How do we as PR professionals find a way to regenerate our creative minds in order to move on to the next project?  Here are a few techniques that might help us all regain our focus.


1. Meditate– Try sitting quietly for a few minutes focusing only on your breathing.  You would be amazed at how refreshing this is to the mind.  Just try not to fall asleep.

2. Take a walk– For some people, physical activity helps free the mind.

3. Go somewhere else– Sometimes we find ourselves writing in the exact same spot every single day.  Try switching up your venue.  You may find that by just moving to a different place in the office will help stimulate those creative juices.

4. Remove Distractions– We all have those things that cause our minds to wander.  If you know ahead of time what those distractions are, then go ahead and remove them from your line of sight.  Of course if the distractions are co-workers you might want to consider point #3.

5. Plan your breaks – This is the hardest for me to do.  I am one of those people that when I start a project, I feel like I shouldn’t get up until I am completely finished.  This usually means that I am sitting at the computer staring at the screen, because I’m stuck.  Try giving yourself a break every 30 minutes to get up and stretch (see points one and two).  You may find this helps you find the transition you were looking for with your writing.

There are so many more techniques that can help regain creativity.  Each PR pro has to find what works best for them.  Good luck to us all. Happy writing!


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February 17 Professional Development Luncheon

Topic: Going Solo: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Running your About Us_Chad_RoundOwn PR Firm
Speaker: Chad McLeod, APR, CPRC, of McLeod Communications
Whether you’re thinking of branching out on your own or taking on side projects as a freelancer, this presentation will cover what it’s like to have your own public relations business.
Chad is the principal and co-owner of McLeod Communications, a Lakeland-based public relations and marketing communications firm that has worked with clients such as AAA, Lockheed Martin and TECO Energy.
Chad is a past president of FPRA Tampa Bay and serves as vice-president of professional development on the FPRA Executive Committee. He began his communications career more than 12 years ago as an aide to U.S. Senator Mel Martinez.



Mission Membership

FPRA_WelcomePlease join me in welcoming two new members, Kayla Hall Abdool and Petra S Schmidt, both of On Top of the World Properties! We look forward to meeting and working with you both, Kayla & Petra.
Can you believe it’s already February? Don’t you want to show your colleagues some love and invite them to our next business development luncheon? We had a couple visitors last month and they seemed to enjoy the networking opportunity as well as our panel discussion. Is there someone you’ve been thinking of that you might want to invite? Maybe you just haven’t taken the time to give them a call? You can forward this newsletter and point them to the information on our speaker for February, Chad McLeod. It should be an informative program. If you’re just not sure about asking them yourself, just pass along their contact information and I am happy to reach out. We grow stronger with every engaged member!
As always, please let me know if I can help in anyway:; call or text: 352-484-9091.


FPRA webinars are FREE for members!

webinarsIn addition to being able to register for all upcoming webinars at no cost, FPRA members can also request free copies of archived webinars.
Topic: Make the Most of LinkedIn: Discover What Professionals Know to Stay Top of Mind
Date: Thursday, February 16
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


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