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PRestigeHeader is “live” and “well”

After months of work, Technology Chair Ginger Broslat webgrab

and her web team have birthed our baby. The new website was unveiled at the July meeting to much ooohing and ahhhing. “I believe we met our goal and answered the needs of our members,” says Ginger, “but a website is a living thing, so it will grow organically over time.” That said, make sure you complete the survey on the website.

Check out all the pages and upload your calendar events and blog away.

Communicators of the Year

Laura-smallCompetition was fierce, the contestants all worthy, accomplishments galore, but when it came down to a selection, the judges were unanimous in their decision.

Laura Byrnes, APR, took the top spot in the individual category. She was accompanied by her bosses, Rusty Skinner and Kathleen Woodring from CareerSource. Laura’s career, which spans journalism and the non-profit world, is now enhancing CareerSource to create opportunities for more and more people.

Hospice of Marion County was recognized in the organizational category. The award was accepted by Lila Ivey and Lisa Varner, APR, who have been creating outreach activities in the community for a decade. Congrats to all!

Conference Ahead

Come tomorrow, 12 of our local chapter members will be packing up and heading for Orlando for the 76th annual state conference. It’s been a long road to the “Road Best Traveled,” but everyone who’s committed to attend is certain to bring home a briefcase full of new PR strategies. Here’s the list of attendees:

 Lisa Varner, APR

 Lila Ivey

 Tina Banner, APR, CPRC

 Barbra Hernandez, APR

 Allison Campbell, APR

 Laura Byrnes, APR

 Heather Danenhower, APR

 Jen Lowe

 Jeannine Robbins

 Ryan Kirby

 Jane Pope

 Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC

Can’t go? Don’t despair! You can follow the sessions in real-time blogging on the state website. Jen and Lila are two of the conference’s official bloggers. Look for pictures of all the fun from Photo Joe.

When Rachel Smith speaks, people listen

After 23 years in FPRA at both the local and state levels, Rachel Smith, APR, has just about done it all.
Learn more at the professional development meeting August 15.
In the meantime, check out her impressive resume.

And if you haven’t registered for next Friday’s luncheon at the Holiday Inn & Suites, do so promptly to ensure excellent service from the staff.

PResident’s Perspective

This is my last monthly column as your chapter president. Hard to believe, I know! I kind of feel like I have the hang of this now but it’s time to pass the baton to President-Elect Jen Lowe later this month.

Looking back over the last year, our chapter has accomplished great things because of strong support from people like you:

  • 91% = membership goal met (42 members)
  • 29% = Ocala chapter members attending the 2014 Annual Conference this month
  • 19 = # of FPRA media releases issued increasing chapter visibility in our community
  • 12 = # of monthly meetings in our new venue, Holiday Inn Conference Center
  • 12 = # of quality programming sessions / opportunities for professional development
  • 12 = newsletters taken to new heights
  • 10 = # of weekly APR study sessions this spring
  • 5 = number of nominees for “Communicator of the Year”
  • 2 = # of “Communicators of the Year” winners
  • 2 = # of Ocala members earning their CPRC credentials – matching last year’s success!
  • 2 = # of Annual Conference scholarships provided to chapter members
  • 1 = Revamped and awesome web site
  • 1 = fantastic year to “ThinkFPRA”

As well, we realigned annual pre-pay billings to coincide with the same chapter year, sponsored the opening morning breakfast at Annual Conference, benefitted from strong representation at the state level, contributed more than $100 from our “Hard Hat” campaign to FPRA’s Education Foundation, and played the lead role in FPRA’s “Value Video” for membership.

When I “ThinkFPRA,” I think Ocala. I think of hard work. I think of dedicated people putting forth their best efforts. I think about the excitement of new members joining us and stepping into leadership roles. I think of the strong past we have, both as a chapter and state association. I “thinkFPRA” best describes the approach we should take in everything we do – and staking our professional reputations on high ethical standards, professional behaviors, and accreditation / certification for those willing to step forth and make the sacrifice. I “thinkFPRA” because it’s the guidepost for all things professional!

Albeit the last official month for this motto, I hope you’ll continue to “think FPRA” for a long, long time!

Kevin Christian, APR, CPRC,Marion County Public Schools, FPRA Ocala Chapter President

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