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The audience is chatting, only faintly aware of the musicians tunning instruments, reviewing sheets of music rehearsed over time and mentally preparing to deliver a performance that connects with their audience. The lights dim – silence. With a tap of the baton and rising of the hands, instruments snap into place. The brief silence before the first note is played is full of anticipation for musicians and the audience alike.

Similar to symphonic conductors, communication maestros know their audience has a need or desire for the information they can deliver. For the communication concert to be successful, the first note is not played without first reviewing scores of data compositions to see which most applies to their audience, planning the sequence of strategic pieces to build upon one another and time invested in rehearsing the best options. The lights dim – silence. With the tap of the keyboard the communications mastro cues the orchestration of research, objectives, planning, tools and tactics into a symphonic performance connecting the audience to information they need or desire.

The conductor awaits the evaluating applause of message acceptance before taking a humble bow. This is Conducting Communications Excellence.

Ginger Broslat, APR, CPRC