AllisonLaurenBe a part of a network of professional colleagues working toward improving their skills as public relations practitioners.

FPRA is an organization dedicated to delivering value to its members. The organization provides a wealth of services, benefits and opportunities dedicated to the success of public relations professionals including staying abreast of the profession, access to professional development and learning from other practitioners. Membership in FPRA is a sound professional investment that gives you quality career opportunities.

Immediate benefits:

– Access to a professional network of more than 50 local public relations professionals with seasoned practices in a diversity of communications areas, and to more than 1,000 practitioners from around the state of Florida.

Recognition opportunities through industry awards programs at the local and state levels.

Discounts on chapter monthly professional development luncheons, special events and state-level professional development opportunities.

Resùme-building opportunities to participate in chapter committees, board of directors and special projects.

– Access to local and state-level job banks specific to the public relations industry.

– Access to white papers, research, industry case studies and best practices.

Long-term benefits

– Accreditation program that can open doors to career advancement and higher compensation.

Stronger PR portfolio reflective of your active engagement in a leading public relations association.


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For more information about the benefits of membership, download the FPRA Ocala Chapter brochure